Cloud Microsoft Exchange Mail

Cloud Microsoft Exchange Mail

Creatives offers you all of MS Exchange’s features and benefits without server and licence troubles. You’ll be able to use a 100GB mailbox and restore email data from the past 14 days, as well as easily transfer your emails from your old system to your new one.

We don’t limit you to either Cloud Mail or Cloud Microsoft Exchange: Through the Exchange Hybrid, both are available and easily manageable from a single control panel.


  • 100 GB Mailbox Size
  • 50MB Attachment Size
  • 14 Days Rolling Backup
  • Email Migration
  • Outlook Web Access
  • ActiveSync© for iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server Compatibility

Get the premium exchange experience

Purchase as many Exchange accounts as you need without worrying about expensive servers and connectivity issues. You’ll also enjoy all of Outlook’s features with the convenience of web-based access.

Store 100GB worth of email archive

Our 100GB mailboxes will easily handle photos, videos and other large files. We also retain 14 copies of your mailbox thanks to our 2 week rolling backup. It is easy to restore a mailbox from your control panel.

Never worry about emails not reaching their destination

Our cloud hosting provides you with 99.9% uptime or your money back. Our considerable experience and resources ensure you can click “Send” with no concerns.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Not everyone in your business needs to use Exchange. Creatives allows you to take advantage of both Cloud Mail and Cloud MS Exchange

Transfer your emails effortlessly

We offer you easy migration from your old system to your new one.

Stay connected no matter where you are

Easily access emails on your mobile phone as soon as they’re received. We provide you with Active Sync and Blackberry Enterprise Server compatibility.