PromoCalls is the newest way to advertise your products and services to thousands of customers through voice call campaigns.
PromoCalls provides sequential dialing at very high rates of calling to selected lists of phone numbers based on your call flows and processing requirements, potentially delivering millions of calls per day according to configurable calling rules and schedules.
When the called party answers the phone, the system passes the call to the telephony application that was custom designed by the client to provide the exact desired behavior for the campaign.

Live Lead Generation

Broadcast messages to contacts with key-press interaction facilities to transfer the call to a call center, capture the recipients’ feedback, or record their voice messages.

Outbound Call Conferencing

Rather than relying on people to remember to phone into a conference, a list of specific attendees can be uploaded, and the campaign set to launch at the appropriate time… PromoCalls will call each and every person in the attendees list at the setup time and join them into the configured conference call.

Dissemination of information via phone

PromoCalls can easily call a huge amount of people and disseminate medical and health advice, or information about forthcoming community events.

Mass Emergency broadcast

PromoCalls can be used in environments where a large number of people have to be contacted in a short time, such as weather warnings, evacuation notices and crime prevention. The message can be as specific as calling all the residents of an area to inform them of a missing child, a school closure, or as broad as alerting the entire town to a severe weather warning.


Broadcast marketing or informational messages to customers and clients anywhere in the world with few simple clicks.

Phone Polling, Surveys and Voting

Ring large numbers of people and present IVR options for either polling their opinions, running interactive surveys, or taking their votes and record the results.